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There's nothing like individuality...​



All our accessories are made by hand. Design, shape and size are discussed individually with our customers before production.

Treat yourself to something unique. We are at your disposal for further information or requests.

"Rolling" - an ancient art

Rolling is an ancient sewing art from Appenzell and certain regions in northern Italy. The trick is to roll in the edge of the fabric and provide it with a fine sewing stitch.

Many farmer's wives devoted themselves to this occupation, especially during the winter months. The rolling brought a welcome boost to the household budget of these farming families.

(Pic: Model "Park Flowers" 130 x 100 cm)


Foulards & Scarfs

100% silk
hem rolled and stiched by hand

Design, shape and size can be customized
(Pic: Model "Funkadelic" 50 x 134 cm)


Pocket Squares for Ladies & Gents

100% silk - hand rolled
100% cotton - doble hand sewn hem

Available sizes: 25 x 25cm for Ladies - 30 x 30cm for Gentlemen
(Pic: Model "Vintage Tattoo" 30 x 30 cm)

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