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The Olive Plantations

The olive trees thrive and grow in a mild, dry climate. In order to get to the deep groundwater, the roots grow many meters down into the red, stony loam soil. In addition to the olive tree plantations, vines are also grown in order to allow a biodiversity and enable as well a quick regeneration of soil and trees.


The Olives

The natives Cellina, Leccino, Ogliarola and Coratina are grown. These fruits contain vitamin K, E and A and generate rich omega3 fatty acids. Only fruits on trees are harvested. Those on the ground serve as natural fertilizer. Pesticides are avoided to 100%.


Ready to press

The olives sorted out from branches and leaves are carefully washed and follow a severe quality check by our operators. The olives are now ready to be pressed.


The Mill

The olives are pitted and transported onto layers for the pressing process. The modern mills come from "PIERALISI". The company located in Jesi operates worldwide and is a leader in his sector.

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Cooling & Filter Systems

The extraction of the olive oil, "Estrazione a Freddo" or "cold pressing", takes place at a constant temperature between 24-27 degrees Celsius. By maintaining this temperature, the vital substances in the product are optimally released and preserved.


The Extract

The pressed olive oil flows into the stainless steel kettle. Here the decision is taken, wich one of the filtering degrees wants to be achieved; filtered clear or roughly filtered. After filtering the fresh olive oil is pumped into stainless steel silos, ready for filling.

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